Little some some about me

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That's me!

Yep, that’s me. Nordy Vlasman a 21 year old developer with a passion for Augmented Reality. In my spare time I like to play some tennis or Padel. I really like programming, you wanna know why? Because when you know how to develop something, everything is possible. For even the smallest issues you can make a solution. But you can also help other people to grow their business or solve their problems.

Some thing I'm doing

So yeah, I can’t make an about page without telling you what I’m doing en where I work. So, let’s start with my side project. Right now I’m working on a time tracking application for my fathers company. It’s the perfect project to try new technologies and learn new techniques. For example, it’s one of the only applications where I can create native applications without having a deadline. That makes it so awesome to work on.

Aside for my Hobby project, I also work. Right now I’m creating awesome websites at Sigbar, a digital agency in Groningen.

Are you studying?

Well thanks for asking, yes I do! Right now I’m studying Communication & Multimedia design at NHL Stenden. To be even more specific I’m following the minor Next Web where I create the next generation of applications. At my study I learn how to combine programming with design to make even more beautiful applications. It’s a perfect combination mostly because of the challenging projects. A good example is the recreation of the studies community website. It was a platform where people can find information which was already available. That’s why with my team we made a community focused forum to place work on to get feedback. It was an awesome project where I could combine many aspects of development.

Can I contact you?

Of course you can! You can always send me an email or check my LinkedIn. If you’re curious about stuff I create, you can check out my Portfolio or even better, follow me on GitHub.


Communication & Multimedia Design

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